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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Amelia Lowe

Amelia Lowe


Amelia Lowe, 11, of Louisville, Ky., a fifth-grader at Greathouse/Shryock Traditional Elementary School, has helped her school raise more than $300,000 for Kosair Children's Hospital by singing at fundraising events, knocking on doors to solicit donations, and promoting her school's philanthropy through Facebook and YouTube. Singing is Amelia's passion and she's been doing it as long as she's been able to talk. When she was in first grade, her teacher overheard her humming to herself and asked her to sing out loud. Upon hearing Amelia's beautiful voice, the teacher immediately enlisted her help in the school's first fundraising campaign for the Kosair hospital. "Preparing for the fundraiser kickoff was a new and exciting experience," said Amelia. "That first year I sang 'Maybe from Annie. The students were so encouraged and excited that I sang for the closing celebration and I've been singing every year since."

That was more than four years ago, and since then Amelia has auditioned and been selected for several performances to raise awareness and money for her cause. She also has collected money door-to-door, written letters to friends and family to ask for donations, posted videos of her singing on Facebook and YouTube, and donated to Kosair any pay she has received from performing at events. Over the years, her school's donations have funded a treatment room in the hospital's emergency department and a room in a pediatric surgical wing of an affiliated facility, as well as benefitting programs for diabetes, congenital heart defects and neonatal intensive care. "I look forward to finding new ways to use my voice for good in school next year," she said.