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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Megan O'Donovan

Megan O'Donovan


Megan O'Donovan, 13, of Mendon, Mass., a seventh-grader at Miscoe Hill School, promoted letterboxing in the town of Milford as a fun way to encourage kids and families to get exercise by walking, running or riding on local trails. Megan had recently been introduced to letterboxing, a kind of treasure hunt in which participants seek out small, weatherproof containers hidden in publicly accessible places by following clues or a map. When Megan learned that Milford was expanding its trail system, I thought, what a perfect combination: a fun activity for a family, group or individual to do while getting exercise on the trail, she said.

Working with Milfords school superintendent, Megan presented her idea in a video to a coalition of community members working to promote outdoor and fitness activities in Milford. She researched current locations of letterboxes along Milfords trails, found places where new boxes could be placed, and created her own letterbox. Then she hosted a table at a health expo, explaining her initiative and handing out information on how to enjoy letterboxing. Its fun introducing new concepts to people, especially if those concepts make for a better life, said Megan.