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National Honoree

Photo of National Honoree Caleb White

Caleb White


Caleb White, 12, of Commerce Township, Mich., a seventh-grader at Clifford H. Smart Middle School, hands out boxes of food, toiletries and warm garments to the homeless on the streets of Detroit each year during the Christmas season, and last August threw a back-to-school party that provided 800 children in need with backpacks stuffed with new school supplies. When Caleb was 6, he was riding to the circus with his family when he saw a homeless man sleeping on the side of the road and wondered why he wasnt sleeping in a house. When Caleb learned the man didnt have a home, he wanted to do something to help, so he decided to put together holiday boxes and distribute them to homeless people. During the 2014 holiday season, Caleb handed out 150 of his Christmas boxes and 100 winter coats.

Last summer, Caleb heard from a pastor who had to cancel an annual back-to-school party for kids in need due to lack of funds. I certainly did want to help, said Caleb. He sent an email to a prominent businessman who helped start a school supply company to see about getting discounted supplies. To his amazement, the man asked the CEOs of several companies to help Caleb plan an event. Calebs school also helped by sending emails to parents and a press release to publicize the party. On August 23, more than 100 volunteers showed up to treat 800 children in need to a fun-filled day. Local barbers cut hair, a nail salon gave girls manicures, and there was plenty of food and lots of games to play. Most importantly, Caleb made sure every child left with the supplies needed to start the school year. I am a boy with lots of new friends, he said, who feels thankful for the opportunity to bring a smile to peoples faces.