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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Noah Miller

Noah Miller


Noah Miller, 14, of McMinnville, Ore., an eighth-grader at Duniway Middle School, assists the childrens worship leader at his church on a regular basis and serves food at a local soup kitchen every chance he gets. Noah got involved in both volunteer activities through a leadership class at his school that encourages community service. Volunteering at church was one of my first choices, he said. I really wanted to help out with children. He performs small tasks for the youth worship leader and helps her teach 2- to 11-year-olds about God and good citizenship. He also helps lead the kids in vocals and hand motions during music sessions.

At the soup kitchen, Noah serves up to 150 meals an evening to the homeless and other hungry residents of McMinnville, and has recruited others to volunteer there, too. I wanted to gain the experience of being able to serve the less fortunate of the community and impact their lives, he said. I have learned that hunger and homelessness are big problems and something needs to be done. His work at both his church and the food bank has taught Noah that volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life, he said.