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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Angelica Krubeck

Angelica Krubeck

Cumming, Georgia

Angelica Krubeck, 11, of Cumming, Ga., a member of Forsyth County 4-H and a home-schooled sixth-grader, has combined two of her passions – science and helping kids – by providing science kits and conducting fun workshops for at-risk children in shelters, foster care and after-school programs through “Super Science Kids,” a nonprofit she founded two years ago. One day Angelica had a conversation with a friend who had once lived in a homeless shelter. “She opened up to me about her life in a shelter and how hard every day was,” she said. “I didn’t realize some kids went through this. So I decided I wanted to help.”

After brainstorming with her family, Angelica met with a local librarian to develop science lessons, presented her ideas to local shelters, and sold some of her toys to pay filing fees for nonprofit status. She then established a website and a Facebook page, designed a logo, solicited donations from companies that make educational materials, and planned fundraisers. Finally, she was ready to begin delivering science kits and organizing learning events at foster organizations, shelters, and after-school programs. Initially, Angelica’s goal was to teach science to at-risk kids in her county, then in her state. But last summer, she and her family embarked on a cross-country science tour to conduct science workshops at 15 shelters and deliver 800 science kits to children in need. “Super Science Kids doesn’t just teach science, we also empower kids,” Angelica said.