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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Ewan Drum

Ewan Drum

New Haven, Michigan

Ewan Drum, 10, of New Haven, Mich., a fifth-grader at New Haven Elementary School, collects food, clothing and basic necessities with his family and hands them out, while dressed as a superhero, to homeless people in Detroit twice a month. Several years ago, when Ewan and his family were in Detroit for dinner, he saw a homeless man on a street corner. He asked his parents why the man was there, and was told he had no place to sleep. “That made me sad,” said Ewan. His next question was, “Can I dress up like a superhero when I’m a teenager and help the homeless?” His parents responded, “You don’t have to wait!”

So Ewan and his family made 50 bag lunches and drove downtown to pass them out. Shortly after, they set up a nonprofit organization called “Super Ewan, Inc.,” and began holding fundraisers and partnering with businesses and other organizations to provide food, clothing, toiletries and other necessities for the homeless. Now, Ewan dresses in a cape every other week and distributes these items on the streets of Detroit, aided by his family and other volunteers. With roughly 80 to 125 homeless people helped each month, Ewan estimates that his initiative has made life a little easier for thousands of men, women and children since it began. He has also delivered turkeys at Thanksgiving, collected bottles of water for Flint and hosted a Christmas party for kids in need.