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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Jameshia Attaway

Jameshia Attaway

Indianola, Mississippi

Jameshia Attaway, 14, of Indianola, Miss., a member of Girl Scouts Heart of the South and an eighth-grader at St. Joseph High School, supplies five schools in her area with personal hygiene items that she collects for students who have a need for them during the school day. An avid volunteer whose role model is her mother, Jameshia was inspired to start her project after hearing a girl in her school restroom say she needed a sanitary napkin. “She was embarrassed to walk out of the restroom,” said Jameshia. “Seeing young girls the same age as me having to leave school because they don’t have sanitary napkins, or a child being picked on because they smell, made me sad. I promised myself that if I ever got enough money, I would place personal hygiene products in schools within my area.”

So, after getting permission from the school district and arranging for staff members to assist her, she began raising money and collecting donations by competing in pageants, speaking to civic organizations, soliciting businesses, and applying for grants. Within three months, she had supplied five schools with personal hygiene items such as soap, towels, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes and sanitary napkins. She recruited two students at each school to stock the items and notify her when supplies run low. “Students don’t have to leave school or call home if they need something,” she said. “They can stay in class and learn.”