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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Briana Demers

Briana Demers

Salem, New Hampshire

Briana Demers, 18, of Salem, N.H., a senior at Salem High School, helps provide television coverage of community meetings and events as a volunteer for public access TV stations in Salem and Londonderry, and teaches and mentors younger students in filmmaking as the leader of her school’s film club. Briana didn’t expect to find her passion when she joined her school’s film club as a freshman. But when it looked like the club was in danger of dying because of dwindling membership, “I took it into my own hands to continue it,” she said. “It opened a whole new world to me. I saw how much it could change students’ lives.”

As the leader of the Blue Devil Film Club, Briana makes sure club members have access to the tools and training they need to grow as scriptwriters and filmmakers. She plans their activities, cleans up scripts, edits film projects, assembles equipment, produces graphics, and fills out paperwork for film festival entries. Briana also organizes a media camp for elementary school kids. At the local public access TV outlets, she assists in the filming of school board meetings, special events around town, sports events and school concerts and plays, and then edits the finished product. Even though it can be hard work “dragging what feels like 60 pounds of equipment out into a field in the rain,” Briana says she loves every minute of it. Especially when she thinks about a house-bound grandmother who couldn’t attend her granddaughter’s concert, but was able to see it anyway in a video that Briana created.