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State Honoree

Alexis Roll


Alexis Roll, 14, of Zanesville, Ohio, an eighth-grader at East Muskingum Middle School in New Concord, undertakes at least two community service projects each month to help homeless and hungry people, senior citizens, orphaned pets, and others needing assistance. Inspired by her grandfather's volunteer spirit and her own involvement in Girl Scouts, Alexis is constantly looking for needs in her community and then doing something to fill them. In the past, she has served meals, solicited donations of canned food, and made strawberry pies for local food pantries and homeless shelters. She also has made quilted blankets, collected warm clothing, and donated personal items for needy children.

Other activities have included making caps for cancer patients, bathing and walking animals at a local animal shelter, volunteering at an American Cancer Society Relay for Life event, raising money for diabetic children, helping nursing home residents celebrate birthdays and holidays, and sending 650 Christmas cards to American troops serving overseas. Each year Alexis supports her volunteer work by asking her birthday party guests to donate canned goods, clothing, money or other items to help the needy - instead of bringing presents. "Doing all these things has made me realize that this world is in great need of help, love and compassion, and that simple things can go a long way and make a huge difference," said Alexis.