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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Ashley Geesey

Ashley Geesey

Bainbridge , Pennsylvania

Ashley Geesey, 13, of Bainbridge, Pa., an eighth-grader at Elizabethtown Area Middle School, raises money for sick children and other causes by working with her sister and two friends to sell jewelry through local businesses and their Instagram account. In the past, Ashley had raised money to help others through bake sales and other activities. But she really enjoys making jewelry and thought that might be a way to help those less fortunate, particularly sick children. “I got started by picking up some jewelry and messing around,” she said. “I really didn’t have a motive. I just knew that I was a kid, in great health, and I wanted to help those who were not.”

After getting their parents’ permission, Ashley and her friends bought beads and other supplies and got to work making jewelry. To advertise their creations, they created their own company, “Jewelry4acause,” and marketed their work to local businesses and on an Instagram account. As treasurer, Ashley’s job is to post updates and events on their account and handle the money they collect. When they started in the summer of 2016, their goal was to raise $200. But as word spread, the orders exceeded their expectations and it wasn’t long before the group had $2,000 to donate to the Children’s Miracle Network. Since then, they also donated $300 to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and are now focusing their fundraising efforts on behalf of the Four Diamonds Fund, which supports cancer care for children being treated at Penn State Children’s Hospital.