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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Adrian Huizar

Adrian Huizar

Michigan City, Indiana

Adrian Huizar, 15, of Michigan City, Indiana, an eighth-grader at Queen of All Saints School, started a tutoring program at his school that recruits members of the National Junior Honor Society to offer assistance to fellow students who are having difficulty with their homework. When he was younger, Adrian received help at an after-school homework program run by two teachers. “It really helped me a lot and made a difference in my grades,” said Adrian. “I realized there was a need to help more students.” Having volunteered as a tutor himself, Adrian knew the power of an individual to be an instrument for change in a student’s education.

He decided his program would host tutoring sessions for kids in first through sixth grade for 45 minutes, four days a week. After getting approval to start his program, Adrian created forms for parents to give their permission for their students to stay after school. He then asked NJHS members to serve as tutors, and found adults willing to be present during tutoring sessions. Adrian is responsible for all scheduling and keeping track of attendance. He also provides worksheets for the tutors to use in their lessons. He has found that each student is different; some need help completing their homework, while others need to be drilled on certain skills. As Adrian sees it, everyone benefits from the program: the students get the help they need to boost grades and master skills, the tutors refresh skills they don’t use every day, and parents don’t have to spend as much time helping their children at home. Adrian estimates that since he started in late 2017, 62 students, tutors and supervisors have been involved in his program.