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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Chloe Christensen

Chloe Christensen

Lake Lotawana, Missouri

Chloe Christensen, 14, of Lake Lotawana, Missouri, an eighth-grader at Bernard C. Campbell Middle School, has collected and donated approximately 50,000 pairs of shoes and $1,000 to Soles4Souls, a nonprofit organization that sends shoes around the globe to children and adults who can’t afford footwear. In 2012, Chloe informed her family that she “already had enough toys and belongings,” so in lieu of birthday gifts, she wanted shoes that she could give to people in need. “My main concern was always that without shoes, children cannot go to school; they may develop cuts on their feet that lead to infection, which may result in the spread of disease and even death,” Chloe said. That first year she collected 86 pairs. Later, she saw an online ad about a girl collecting shoes for Soles4Souls and knew right away that she wanted to collect year-round.

To motivate her friends to collect footwear, Chloe held a contest with her soccer team to see who could collect the most shoes, and hosted a skate night, a dinner at a restaurant and other events. She began talking to school groups and community organizations about the impact a single pair of shoes can have on a person, worked with a local television station to make a commercial for PBS Kids Network, and, with the help of her mother, created Facebook and Instagram accounts to publicize her cause. When people have shoe donations for Chloe, they drop them off either at her home or at a warehouse where she stores the shoes. When the warehouse is full, Chloe and her team of volunteers load the shoes into a large truck, which transports them to Soles4Souls. In addition to all the shoes she has collected, Chloe said she is happy to have inspired many of her friends to get involved in community service. Like her, many of them now ask for donations to their favorite charities instead of gifts on their birthdays, she said.