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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Joli Lunderville

Joli Lunderville

Lancaster , New Hampshire

Joli Lunderville, 12, of Lancaster, New Hampshire, a seventh-grader at Groveton High School (Middle), worked with her Girl Scout troop to make fluffy pillows and toys for dogs and cats living in animal shelters. When her troop was searching for an idea for a community service project, Joli suggested doing something for homeless pets, since she had seen numerous advertisements about neglected dogs in shelters. “The people who were trying to help the animals in shelters inspired me,” she said.

Once they had settled on a plan, Joli and her fellow scouts made posters and began seeking donated materials. They collected mostly old clothing and used tennis balls for their pillows and toys, then learned how to sew, and stitched the items together with a sewing machine that Joli arranged to have donated. When they were finished, they taught officials at nearby Dog Mountain how to make the toys so that they can “carry on this tradition,” she said. Joli and her Girl Scout troop also built and painted a bench for a nursing home the previous year. Community service projects, said Joli, give her a “great warm feeling in my heart.”