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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Chloe Orecchio

Chloe Orecchio

Weirton, West Virginia

Chloe Orecchio, 11, of Weirton, West Virginia, a sixth-grader at St. Joseph The Worker School, organized a monthly cleanup program to keep her school campus free of litter. While riding to school every morning, Chloe began noticing litter along the sides of the road and in the school yard. “All of the trash on our campus made our community look very dismal,” she said. “I told my parents that someone should clean it up.” After a few days of complaining, Chloe’s father asked her to come up with a solution. She realized that “it is up to us kids to keep our schools clean,” and so she came up with a plan for “Chloe’s Campus Clean-Up.”

She prepared a PowerPoint presentation to explain her plan to the St. Joseph School Board, which approved it immediately. Then she started recruiting fellow students to form a cleanup team and gave them instructions on how she wanted to run the operation. The first cleanup collected four garbage bags of trash from the grounds of Chloe’s elementary school and a high school and church across the street. Chloe now schedules a cleanup on the third Saturday of every month. “It has made a big difference on the campus,” she said proudly. “No litter to be found!”