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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Caleb Song

Caleb Song

Anchorage, Alaska

Caleb Song, 14, of Anchorage, Alaska, an eighth-grader at Northern Lights ABC School, plays an active role in the efforts of his parents’ church ministry to aid people experiencing homelessness in his community. “I have been assisting the homeless since I can remember,” said Caleb. As a toddler, Caleb accompanied his parents to a homeless shelter, and then gradually began helping with various aspects of his parents’ homeless ministry. As Caleb got older, the jobs he was tasked with grew more complex. “Helping the homeless,” he discovered, “is neither simple nor easy. It requires passion, confidence and sacrifice.”

Currently, Caleb sets up the sound system, greets people and assists at the information desk at his parents’ homeless church. He also makes lemonade, prepares and serves dinner trays, plays the violin and cleans up after meals. At Christmastime, he has helped raise money to buy gifts for people at the shelter. In addition, he visits other local shelters, a soup kitchen, an assisted-living home and a hospital, where he hands out snacks and fliers. He finds time to do all this on both weekends and weekdays, coordinating his volunteer activities with school and other responsibilities. “I have seen hardened souls transform because of the work I do, even though it may be small,” said Caleb.