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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Sheree Anderson

Sheree Anderson

Rainsville, New Mexico

Sheree Anderson, 14, of Rainsville, New Mexico, a member of the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails and an eighth-grader at Mora Middle School, created a business card to raise awareness of and prevent animal testing that highlight shampoo and conditioner products that are not tested on animals, and has distributed over 600 copies and counting throughout her community to educate others about this particular form of animal abuse. “I am very passionate about animals,” said Sheree, who has ridden horses since she was 3 years old and owns a horse, several dogs and a guinea pig. When she discovered that some shampoo and conditioner manufacturers were testing their products on the eyes of bunnies, she resolved to spread the word.

Sheree spent hours on the internet researching shampoos and conditioners that were not tested on animals, then visited local stores to assess their availability. She compiled a list of acceptable products, recruited a sponsor, printed her list on 600 cards, and began distributing her “pockets of knowledge” to family members, friends, fellow Girl Scouts, animal shelters, veterinarians, health food stores and elsewhere in her community. Many of the recipients expressed their love of animals, were shocked to learn about their use in product testing, and vowed to purchase other products from now on, she said. Sheree plans to continue her focus on saving animals from abuse as she pursues her Girl Scout Gold Award. “I feel that I have a voice in protecting animals, and will continue to teach about animal abuse,” said Sheree.