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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Savannah Zeaman

Savannah Zeaman

Warminster, Pennsylvania

Savannah Zeaman, 13, of Warminster, Pennsylvania, an eighth-grader at Klinger Middle School, operates a lemonade stand every fall that has raised nearly $6,000 for cancer research over the past six years. Savannah launched her project to honor the memory of her kindergarten teacher, who died of cancer. “She was an amazing teacher,” said Savannah. “One day she was there, and the next she wasn’t. It was the first time anyone I was close to had passed away.”

She made lemonade, cookies and little magnet flower crafts, set up a stand in front of her house, posted signs around her neighborhood and started selling. The money she earned the first two years went to the American Cancer Society. Then, after a family friend died from cancer, Savannah began donating her annual proceeds to cancer research efforts at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Last fall, she also conducted a clothing drive for families in need in conjunction with her lemonade stand to raise additional funds. Her goal every year is to raise more money than the last—a goal, she said, that requires a lot of promotion and effort. “I love the feeling of helping others,” she said. “I have learned how many things I take for granted and how amazing it feels to share what I have with others.”