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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Emily Myers

Emily Myers

Hope Valley, Rhode Island

Emily Myers, 15, of Hope Valley, Rhode Island, a member of the University of Rhode Island 4-H Program and an eighth-grader at Chariho Middle School, helped plan and fund a 4-H fair in her community, participates in numerous other 4-H service projects, and volunteers several days a week to help two senior citizens maintain their farm. While Emily was taking part in meetings to plan an annual 4-H fair, which is managed by her mother, Emily decided she wanted to help organize an auction to cover the fair’s expenses. She then spent hours emailing and visiting local businesses to solicit auction items. She also helped plan a corned-beef dinner to raise funds for the three-day fair and worked at the fairgrounds to get buildings and landscaping ready for the event.

In addition, Emily visits a local farm every Sunday and a couple of other days during the week to do chores for a pair of farmers in their 70s. She bales hay, chops corn silage, milks cows, cleans barns, dehorns calves, mows grass, prepares Sunday dinners and brings in firewood into the farmhouse. People don’t always understand why she spends so much time at the farm – but, she says, “I find it so rewarding to help others.” Emily has participated in many other volunteer activities, too, often with her 4-H club. She has helped with a local toy drive at Christmas, delivered dairy products to a homeless shelter, cleaned a local animal shelter and brought table centerpieces to senior citizens. “Helping others is just an amazing feeling and warms my heart,” said Emily.