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National Honoree

Photo of National Honoree Akiho  Uchiyama

Akiho Uchiyama


Akiho Uchiyama, 18, of Taira, Fukushima, a 3rd grade student at Taira Industrial High School in Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture, led several COVID-19 safety initiatives at her school, including a project that installed wooden partition screens in the school library so students can use the facility safely. Akiho chairs her school committee and, when the library closed due to the pandemic, she conferred with committee members to find a solution. They came up with an idea to build and install the screen so students could return to the library to catch up on their schoolwork. They also donated screens to neighboring junior high schools. Using the slogan "Protect Well and Beat Corona," the group also created a banner to raise awareness about infection prevention and carried out sterilization activities inside the school building.