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National Honoree

Photo of National Honoree Anjali  Surana

Anjali Surana


Anjali Surana, 18, of Kolkata, a class 12 student at Calcutta International School, West Bengal, founded “Fullstopp,” a Gen-Z powered nonprofit that aims to achieve a more gender-equal world by debunking cultural taboos around menstruation through awareness, advocacy and access to feminine hygiene products. Determined to challenge the status quo, Anjali persisted despite opposition from school officials and hateful messages to build a team of more than 120 members in seven chapters around the world, which to date have held menstrual health sessions with 5,000+ women and donated more than one million period products. Anjali’s Fullstopp teams also host social media campaigns and summits, partner on corporate responsibility initiatives with Fortune 500 companies, and work with government officials to shape policy.