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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Ava Mincey

Ava Mincey

Statesboro , Georgia

Ava Mincey, 12, of Statesboro, Georgia, a sixth-grader at William James Middle School, has raised thousands of dollars for Alzheimer’s disease research in honor of her late great-grandmother, by selling lemonade and raising money online. Ava has volunteered at the community support center established by her grandmother since 2015, where she has come to enjoy helping clients and their caregivers. Her work there taught her a lot about Alzheimer’s disease, and convinced her that she needed to help find a cure. “The more research and education about the disease that can be done, the better the odds are for finding a cure,” she said.

With her father’s help, Ava perfected a recipe for “Ava’s Lemonade” and set up a stand in her front yard to sell it. As friends and family members spread the word about Ava’s endeavor, sales vastly exceeded her initial expectations, and were exceeded yet again after word spread on social media. Before long, Ava was selling her lemonade in multiple locations, making deliveries all over town and even in surrounding counties, and expanding her product line to include juices made from fresh pineapples, peaches, strawberries and raspberries. So far, her efforts have yielded more than $2,000 for Alzheimer’s research. Ava also serves as an advocate for a personal device that alerts caregivers to the location of their Alzheimer’s patients.