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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Jordynn Huskisson

Jordynn Huskisson

Fisher, Illinois

Jordynn Huskisson, 10, of Fisher, Illinois, a fifth-grader at Fisher Grade School, launched an initiative that has produced fleece tie blankets for more than 670 young cancer patients. It all began when Jordynn learned of a two-year-old diagnosed with neuroblastoma. “I didn’t know kids could get cancer,” she said. “I wanted to do something.” So for her eighth birthday, Jordynn asked for donations of fleece instead of traditional birthday presents, and then started cutting and tying the fabric to make blankets with help from friends and her mother.

After her mom posted Jordynn’s project on Facebook, members of the community offered to donate fleece or money, and a local 4-H group signed up to help tie blankets with Jordynn. Shortly thereafter, Jordynn began inviting the public to come to blanket-tying events. She often delivers her blankets, along with gifts such as dolls, blocks, children’s books and stuffed animals, in-person to kids with cancer. “When I give them a blanket and they look at me and smile and say thank you, it melts my heart,” she said. Jordynn also takes her blankets to a hospital in Peoria, and has even shipped some to children in other states. “I know I can’t cure cancer,” she said, “but maybe my blankets will put a smile on their faces for a little while.”