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National Honoree

Photo of National Honoree Jayant  Hooda

Jayant Hooda


Jayant Hooda, 18, of Sonipat, a class 12 student of Sir Chhotu Ram Modern Sr. Sec. School in Ratangarh Majra, Haryana, started “The Sensible Voice Organization” (TSV) to take on the core issues behind the growing number of serious crimes committed by children and young people. He leads talks and workshops in schools, orphanages and juvenile prisons to address issues ranging from aggression and drug abuse to anger management and suicidal thoughts. Jayant’s workshops and sessions are designed to raise awareness and educate and influence young minds. He also conducts meditation sessions to help young people learn practical skills for regulating strong emotions. To date, Jayant’s program has reached more than 6,000 young people across India, Uganda, the United States, Hong Kong and New Zealand.