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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Brenna Mefford

Brenna Mefford

Carrollton, Kentucky

Brenna Mefford, 14, of Carrollton, Kentucky, a member of Carroll County 4-H and an eighth-grader at Magnolia Homeschool Academy, has sewn face masks for local businesses and her school district, baked and sold homemade dog biscuits to benefit the local Humane Society, supported a suicide-prevention fundraising event, and served her community in numerous other ways. “I get tremendous satisfaction out of volunteer service,” said Brenna. “There is no greater honor, in my opinion, than to help someone in need.”

When her brother told her that employees at his grocery store needed masks to protect them from COVID-19, Brenna began sewing masks for them. Then she made masks for bank employees and her school district, and sold some to support a state COVID-19 financial relief fund. While she was selling her homemade dog biscuits at a farmer’s market to raise money for the Oldham County Humane Society, a customer who had lost her daughter to suicide suggested that Brenna sponsor a dog costume contest in conjunction with a suicide-prevention fundraising walk. Brenna donated dog biscuits, dog collar accessories and specially-designed face masks as contest prizes. The eighth-grader also has volunteered at a local library and food pantry, designed “Be Kind” signs for yards across her county, and made “sun catchers” for the windows of an assisted-living facility.