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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Gabrielle Selig

Gabrielle Selig

Durham, New Hampshire

Gabrielle Selig, 13, of Durham, New Hampshire, an eighth-grader at Oyster River Middle School, sells home-baked cupcakes and cookies on social media , and has donated proceeds of more than $6,600 over the past four years to charities that “speak to my heart.” Even as a preschooler, Gabrielle loved to bake. A big fan of the Food Network, she was watching with her mother one day when her favorite TV chef talked about the importance of helping those in need. “I told my mom that when I grow up, I want to have a bakery where some of the money goes to different charities,” she said. “My mom asked why I thought I needed to grow up before I started my business.” That was the beginning of “Gabi’s Goodies for Good.”

With the help of her mother, Gabi decides what she will bake and what charity will benefit from her sales. She then posts on social media – sometimes with a video of her making the treat – and indicates how much is available. Since she started her business, she has donated funds to a girl with cerebral palsy who needed to travel away from home to have surgery, to veterans experiencing homelessness, to an organization that rescued animals during the California wildfires, and to help koala bears injured in Australia’s wildfires. “I hope my business will continue for a long time because I love helping out the world,” said Gabrielle, “especially when I’m doing something that is super fun!”