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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree Levi Holmstead

Levi Holmstead

Lehi, Utah

Levi Holmstead, 12, of Lehi, Utah, a seventh-grader at Lehi Junior High School, spent many hours cleaning up litter in and around a nearby lake, and removing errant golf balls from waterways surrounding a local golf course. “I love being around waterways,” explained Levi. “I see lots of cool animals and wildlife.” While riding on his paddleboard at a lake one day, “I realized how much garbage there was all over the place,” he said. “There was years of garbage and some of it was submerged.” He quickly committed himself to picking up 100 pieces of trash every time he visited the lake. He started by picking up discarded fishing tackle so barefooted visitors wouldn’t get hurt. Then he pulled an old bicycle out of the water.

Levi tried to spend a couple of hours twice a week picking up trash at the lake, sometimes recruiting his father, sister and cousins to help. He has since been proud to see some large fish in areas that he cleaned up. “If it stays clean, I hope others will want to keep it that way,” he said. “If others litter, I will pick up after them.” Levi also invited friends to help him fish golf balls out of water holes at a local golf course. Working 1-3 hours on 15 different occasions, they removed more than 500 balls. “The big thing I learned last summer is that playing a game on a TV or computer screen isn’t as fun as doing a service project outside with your friends and family,” said Levi.