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State Honoree

Photo of State Honoree FaithHoney Anderson

FaithHoney Anderson

Devils Tower, Wyoming

FaithHoney Anderson, 17, of Devils Tower, Wyoming, a member of Campbell County 4-H and a senior at Wyoming Virtual Academy, has helped bridge the generational divide between senior citizens and young people in her community by organizing tech-support events where high school students provide individual instruction on navigating cell phones and other mobile devices. Faithhoney organized the first event after seeing a social media post from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a co-sponsor of similar events around her state. “I considered this an excellent way to promote healthy relationships between senior citizens and high school students,” she said. “I wanted to show senior citizens that teens are more than a screen-glued pair of eyes and have helpful information we can provide. Likewise, I wanted to open the eyes of my generation to the advice, knowledge, and perspective of those older than us.”

She began by contacting Wyoming AARP, which offered to provide lunch at her events. She then got in touch with senior centers in three surrounding towns to help her schedule tutoring sessions and publicize them among their seniors. Next, she asked local high school principals to help her recruit student volunteers. Since she started, seniors in her county have sat down with her volunteers to learn things such as how to find old emails on their phones, send photos to loved ones, install apps and to get answers to any other tech questions or problems they have.