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Easy Reader

As a literacy volunteer, you’ll make a big impact — by reading to kids at a homeless shelter, to the elderly or the visually impaired. Organizing story hours at a library is a good idea, too; so are starting book drives, and helping young kids keep their reading skills sharp over the summer.

See how these honorees helped others through books and literacy
  • Melissa Newkirk

    Melissa leveraged her volunteer work with a national pet therapy organization to create a program that helps students at a local elementary school improve their literacy skills by having them read out loud to therapy dogs.

  • Adam Skelton

    Adam has collected more than a ton of books over the past two years and shipped them to rural Alaskan communities that lack ready access to reading materials.

  • Annika Cushnyr 

    Annika collected 4,000 new and used books to start a "giving library" so that children and their families who visit a local medical center can get free books to take home and keep.

  • Allyson Forger

    Allyson promotes the love of reading and writing in young students through a club she organized that sends high school students to elementary school classrooms to assist with reading activities.

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