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Go Global

You don’t have to go far from home to help people in need overseas. Raise money for organizations that help children around the world. Many young volunteers collect items like books, shoes and clothes for people living in poverty overseas. Or, if you can, consider going abroad to help with building schools or disaster recovery.

See how these honorees made a difference overseas
  • Damācia Howard

    Damācia has collected thousands of books in her community for students in Africa, working with a national charity called Books for Africa.

  • Kamna Gupta

    Kamna has collected and distributed more than 2,500 pounds of gently used shoes to people in third-world countries through “Soles for Souls,” the nonprofit organization she founded in 2013 after a trip to India.

  • Christian Cole

    Christian has raised more than $50,000 from a landscape business he started as a seventh-grader and from private donations to build houses for destitute people in Haiti and sponsor 20 homeless children there.

  • Jessica Bird

    Jessica is a dedicated advocate for young sex-trafficking victims around the world, and last year led a team to Costa Rica to provide girls at a safe house with the skills to build a life beyond prostitution.

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