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Green Ways

Put your environmental consciousness to work. Think of ways your school could be greener, and talk to your principal about putting your ideas to work. Or find creative ways to recycle shoes, tires and other things to keep them out of landfills. You could also teach kids about natural resources in your area and how to protect them.

See how these honorees helped the environment
  • Lily Chacon

    Lily volunteers with other students at her school to help keep Albuquerque beautiful by working on cleanup and restoration projects in the Rio Grande Bosque, a deciduous forest that winds 16 miles through her city. 

  • Jonah Holland

    Jonah led his 4-H club in raising money to purchase reusable shopping bags that local merchants can use to cut down on the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills.

  • Emma Tandara

    Emma led an effort at her school to promote recycling of bottles, cans, paper products and old T-shirts. 

  • Bella Rossborough

    Bella educated her community about the harm that plastic bags do to oceans and sea life, and spearheaded the passage of a town ordinance banning the bags. 

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