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Lend a Hand

Consider lending a hand to people with intellectual or physical disabilities. You can help with nearby Special Olympics events, or organize inclusive clubs or activities at school. Perhaps you can educate people about what it’s like to have autism, Down syndrome or other special needs.

See how these honorees supported people with disabilities
  • Lindsey Meyer

    Lindsey planned a “sensory friendly” movie presentation at a local theater for people with autism or other special needs, after learning that most people with these disabilities are denied this simple pleasure because they may not be able to sit still or stay quiet for an entire movie.

  • Parker Inks

    Parker helped start a foundation eight years ago that has raised $150,000 through an annual dinner and auction to help families burdened by the high cost of caring for children with disabilities. 

  • Holly Johnson

    Holly coaches children in recreational and Special Olympics gymnastics at a local community center.

  • Cameron Kirk

    Cameron coaches Special Olympics athletes and, as public relations director for his local Special Olympics program, organizes fundraisers that have raised more than $64,000 over the past five years so that athletes can travel to and compete in sporting events free of charge.

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