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Peer to Peer

Who better to help a student than another student? Make a difference by speaking out against bullying or promoting inclusiveness at school. Get younger kids excited about STEM topics, or offer tutoring to peers who need help with something you’re good at. Or donate your time to an organization that provides therapeutic or recreational activities for kids.

See how these honorees supported other young people
  • Maureen Botros

    Maureen founded a series of weeklong technology camps to promote the idea that girls can succeed in STEM fields without sacrificing their femininity.

  • Annie Farrell

    Annie organized three college-prep workshops to help about a dozen students who had aged out of foster care navigate the complicated and often overwhelming college application process. 

  • Keegan Nicholson

    Keegan has been refurbishing old laptop computers for the past several years, and donating them to students and young adults who cannot afford to buy one. 

  • Maricruz Contreras

    Maricruz plays a leadership and advocacy role in several organizations to support LGBT+ youth and educate the public about the challenges facing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

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